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New government, new hope for retrofit scale-up?

Well, that was quite a week!

A new Labour government with a huge majority of seats looks set to get the UK back on track on climate-related matters. In this special edition we've curated some early articles exploring this phenomenon, key appointments and what it might mean for the sector.

Labour's victory comes close on the heels of mayoral elections around the country resulting in all but one regional mayor also being Labour. Greater Manchester's Andy Burnham has been re-elected and has restated his commitment to improving the housing stock across the city region, first set out in 2019 with GM's 5-Year Environment Plan.

The new government has already made statements concerning how it intends to empower local communities. This is already in-play for GM with the Trailblazer Devolution Deal due to be implemented in April 2025 - which will include greater devolved spending powers for housing retrofit.

It's fitting therefore that today we open registration for our devolution-themed Greater Manchester Retrofit Summit (online, AM's, 7, 8 & 9 Oct) and The Home Upgrade Show, Manchester (in-person, 10 & 11 Oct) - each part of Retrofit Action Week. Follow the links below to get involved.

Read on, retrofitters...

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We hope this special post-election issue has helped highlight what's ahead for retrofit. We'll be back next week with a regular issue full of retrofit-focused news, views, local/regional action, events and jobs.

Until then, thanks for reading - we appreciate it!

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