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Retrofit Action Week starts THIS Saturday!

If you're a regular reader of this newsletter, you may be aware of this as we've mentioned it a few times 😎

This issue we preview ALL the week's activities - and get you so enthusiastic, you just HAVE TO sign up for something because you just can't resist the awesome power of Retrofit Action Week.

Maybe we're getting a bit carried away - but seriously, do find some time in your week's schedule to join us for something. Good things happen when people join together and make them happen.

Get stuck in, retrofitters...!

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Retrofit Action Week (RAW)Retrofit Action Week (RAW)

Greater Manchester Retrofit SummitGreater Manchester Retrofit Summit

The Home Upgrade ShowThe Home Upgrade Show

Retrofit Rendezvous LIVE - with MCSRetrofit Rendezvous LIVE - with MCS

Socialise while you decarbonise

Join us at The Home Upgrade Show at a big old get-together on the Friday afternoon over refreshments at 'Retrofit Rendezvous' LIVE - the retrofit community gathering and social reception sponsored by MCS.

And...Victoria Baths volunteers are providing private tours of this remarkable building - not to be missed.

For pre-registered exhibitors and visitors. Get on the guest list πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈβ³

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Putting even more 'retro' into retrofitPutting even more 'retro' into retrofit

Now, this is a 'first' for us - and you, we imagine!

Visitors at The Home Upgrade Show will get a 'sneak peek' at some rather lovely retro home furnishings to add some retro 'pizzaz' (that's still a word, right?) by our friends at The Vintage Home Show (happening at the same venue, Sun 15th Oct). Meet and relax over tea and cake sitting in an Edwardian swimming pool (emptied), while gazing at Mid-Century, retro and vintage furniture, lighting and ceramics that will be available to buy (you're welcome - all part of the service) - maybe you'll spot that perfect piece to compliment your own home upgrade.

Join an historic tour of the beautiful Victoria Baths venue - volunteers who support this iconic Manchester building will be showing visitors around and sharing its fascinating history. We will keep all registered visitors updated with tour timings.

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Next issue

We will be slap-bang in the middle of Retrofit Action Week

Specifically, in the throes of the Greater Manchester Retrofit Summit. Despite this intensive activity - and because we love bringing low carbon news to your Inbox - we will be delivering our usual curated round-up of the latest low carbon housing news, action, events and jobs + of course, an update on Retrofit Action Week activities and reportage, hot from the laptop of our roving retrofit reporter and climate story-teller, Josh.

πŸ’¬ If you are at one of our events next week, come and find us - we love to meet our readers in-person!

So, if you are based anywhere near the Greater Manchester area - and even if you're not - we hope we've inspired you to check out the week's activities and get involved. You're bound to learn loads, pick up some very useful info and meet great people.

Go on then...!

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