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As we publish, we're slap-bang in the middle of our Birmingham Retrofit Summit, with host partner Birmingham City Council - our final 2022 event in what's been a super-busy year.

We are delighted to welcome home energy efficiency survey specialists ThermaFY as this issue's guest sponsor, who share their case study examining measures to bridge the gap between energy efficiency and affordability.

As ever, there's a lot to share with you so without further a-do, let's get straight to it.

Read on, retrofitters...

Low Carbon Homes  

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We're always looking ahead at Low Carbon Homes. Our next - and final issue (21 Dec) before the seasonal break - will be looking at what's coming up in the new year and bringing you the latest on all the retrofit and energy efficiency news to peruse over the holidays.

Thanks for reading. See you next issue.

Low Carbon Homes